Plantation Shutters Photo Gallery
Painted Finish
Stained Finish
Standard Arch Louvered to the top
Sunburst or Fan Top Arch
Mid-rails are a feature at no extra charge which allow you to control the top and bottom louvers independantly.  They are popular in areas where you desire privacy, but still want plenty of natural light coming in.
Mid-rail w/ bottom louvers closed
Mid-rail w/ All louvers closed
Mid-rail w/ All louvers open
French Doors
French Door w/ Square cutout
French Door w/ Circle cutout
Sliding Tracks
Sliding Tracks are most commonly used over sliding glass doors.  As seen in the pictures, most sliders require a buildout off of your wall to case in the sliding tracks.  There are two options for your slider, either bi-pass or bi-fold.  The most popular type is a bi-pass slider.  In this application your shutter panels pass by each other  functioning much like your sliding glass door panels.  This option is popular where you want to maximize space as the panels do not come off the wall.  The other option is a bi-fold sliding track.  In this option the panels are still on a track but able to come off the wall much like a shutter framed on a window.  This option is popular if you have the space and want to have the option to completely open your view out of your slider.
Bi-Pass Slider w/ louvers closed
Bi-Pass Slider w/ louvers open

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