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About Us
Three generations of The Black Family have been doing interior and exterior home improvements since the 1960's.  In the early 1970's, Elmer Joseph Black (the original EJ), my grandpa, moved to California from Pennsylvania along with my father, uncles and his beautiful wife Marian.  Having a background in painting, EJ took advantage of the growing housing market in Southern California and started a paint contracting business.  With the help of Marian and the kids EJ expanded from painting to wallpaper and window coverings.  EJ did a great job of passing his business values down to his sons, and when we entered the family business, our father made it a point to pass down these same business values.  First and foremost is customer service, with no customers we can't provide our service.  We make it a point to keep our customers involved from the start to the finish of their job.  
Another value passed down was not to chase the quick buck.  Several companies out there will tell you whatever you want to hear in hopes of walking out of your house with an order.  We don't just want your order today, we want to service your next home, your kids homes as well as your friends and neighbors.  We will not get that business unless we treat you right from start to finish and that includes showing up with a high quality product upon installation.  Whether your job is for one window or fifty we vow to treat you with the highest level of customer service.  We once did a $75,000 job because we had done 3 windows for the purchasing manager of a large corporation.  We provided her with great customer service on her small job, so she gave us a contract to do a large job. Chris will handle all of your wood working needs, while Eric will take care of your window coverings & retractable screen doors.  At EJ's Home Improvements, Inc. we look forward to having our family serve yours.

-  Eric Black
Chris & Eric Black (Owners)
Our Families
Home /Kitchens /Custom Wood Working /Shutters /Blinds & Shades /Retractable Screens /About Us /Contact

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