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Retractable Screen Doors
At EJ's we use the most advanced retractable screen door on the market with the Mirage System.  In the past we had used 2 previous brands and found this to be the best on the market.  Like many other screens the Mirage screen is on a track railing system, powder coated and is available with a Speed Reducer (optional) to slow the retraction down.  What sets this screen apart from the rest, is the screen and the way it tracks.  The main problem we found with the other screens we had tried was screen fraying.  The Mirage unit counteracts this with 2 key features.  First, the screen rests deeper in the track than any other screen on the market.  When a screen comes out of the track railing, it rubs against the housing unit as it retracts causing fraying.  Since this unit rests deep inside the track we have decreased the chances of the screen coming out, thus decreasing the chances of a frayed screen.  The other key feature is tension the spring puts on the screen.  This added tensions keeps the screen tight so it will not bow as the unit retracts.  Bowing of the screen causes it to come out of the tracks and fray, so counteracting this keeps the screen protected

Home /Kitchens /Custom Wood Working /Shutters /Blinds & Shades /Retractable Screens /About Us /Contact

  • Adapts to any type of door

  • Deep Screen Pocket

  • Over 40 colors available

  • On-track railing system

  • Speed Reducer optional

  • Maintenance Free

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